Urban Farming

What is Urban Farming?

It is the act of growing food in an urban setting.

How can you implement this in your home?

Anyone can start an urban farm. You only need a small amount of space to begin (or large if it’s available to you). Locate a space in your home that will work well for growing your plants. Maybe you have an unused room (space in an already used room) or space in a basement that would do well. You want to make sure this room has good air flow (or be sure to use a fan). The next step would be to purchase items needed and set up your grow area.

  1. You will want some kind of shelving to hold your plants and to suspend your lighting from. Getting shelving with three or four tiers will allow for more crops to grow.
  2. You will also want a power strip (with a timer if possible). Plants grown indoors need a lot of light, so buying a power strip with a timer will help to ensure they are getting the proper amount of light. You don’t want your plants getting to little or to less.
  3. You will want to buy gardening trays for planting your seeds, and growing your crop. Be sure to wash these before use.
  4. Be sure to pick up any gardening tools needed. watering can, pruners, hand shovel, spray bottle (if you need to make the natural mold remover), notebook for taking any notes on the growing process.
  5. Quality organic soil for growing your crops.
  6. And of course one of Green Lines light systems.