Plant Nutrition

Plant Nutrition (another benefit of Urban Farming)

Urban farming has many benefits. One being nutritious, readily available, organic produce, grown right in your own home. Buying organic produce can be pricy. However, growing your own organic produce, can be fun and empowering. As well as provide you with nutrient dense foods straight from the source. There are no chemical growth regulators needed on urban farms because the climate is controlled. You just need quality soil that contains nutrients, a lighting system and good water.

Another benefit of urban farming is you can enjoy fresh produce all-year-round. Since the outside environment and season are not a factor for urban farming, you can harvest any plant you want at any time of the year. Want delicious strawberries in December? You can do it with urban farming!

Urban farming provides you with a much safer, and more nutrient dense food supply. If you are buying your fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, etc. from a grocery store, they had a long journey to go from the farm they were grown on to your kitchen. A lot of times being sprayed with pesticides to preserve their freshness. All the while losing important nutrients. With urban farming you cut all of that out. You control the seeds being used, the soil, water, lighting, etc. And can enjoy a more nutritious crop, as you can consume it right after harvest. Bon appetite!